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APR 22, 2014

For Allergy Relief?

While Fisherman’s Friend lozenges are not an anti-histamine, they are great for providing fast relief from nasal congestion, the most common result of seasonal allergies to grass, tree and plant pollens which fill the air from April to September.

Normally when you step outside in the spring and summer your nose is the gateway to your summer allergies. You take a breath full of pollen laden air and within a few minutes your nose starts sneezing and dripping.

Just as the concentrated menthol in Fisherman’s Friend lozenges works to soothe and de-sensitize a sore throat, it also works to relieve the sinus membranes which cause you to sneeze and your nose to run. It interrupts the cycle of sneezing and gives you a well needed break from the symptoms, which if otherwise untreated will only build and increase the stress and irritation on your system.

Fisherman’s Friend lozenges work best in conjunction with an anti-histamine by opening up the nasal passages so you can breathe more easily and feel better fast while the anti-histamine works to reduce the overall reaction to the pollen.

With a Fisherman’s Friend lozenge, powerful menthol vapours anaesthetize your nasal passages so pollen is less effective in triggering your sneezing and you can go about your business and enjoy the outdoors, cut the grass, go for a walk and breathe more freely. Try it for yourself, see how well they work, then pass this on to your friends. They’ll be glad you did

Corner Gas Poster

MAR 28, 2014

Fisherman's Friend Stars in iconic, Canadian Corner Gas TV Show

Often visible beside the cash register inside the gas station in the Canadian hit TV show Corner gas was a display of Fisherman’s Friend lozenges. Specifically requested by the TV shows production team to lend Canadian authenticity to the show. What better than Canada’s most popular throat lozenge!

MAR 28, 2014

Choir Members, Singers and Other Notable Users

Documented usage by numerous choir members, town criers, singers and other notable personalities.

Singers Diana Krall & Sophie Milman, Emmy award winning vocalist Phil Naro, author Margaret Attwood, newscaster Wendy Mesley and even cartoonist Rina Piccolo (Tina’s Groove).

JAN 20, 2014

The Perfect Combination Takes Truffle Trophy

Mix Fisherman’s Friend with chocolate and what do you get? A winner at the 2013 International Chocolate Awards, that’s what. Chocolatier Adam Chandler from the Canadian firm Beta5 Chocolates, picked up the gold medal trophy for his creation at the event held in London, England last October. He created a Fisherman’s Friend Truffle, filling a dark chocolate shell with a ganache made from our Original Extra Strong lozenges melted into whole cream and a dark chocolate base. It must be worth a trip to Canada to try one of those.

SEPT 9, 2013

New 2 Pack!

The popular taste of Cherry combined with the strength of FISHERMAN'S FRIEND has created a great tasting FISHERMAN'S FRIEND Sucrose Free Cherry.

Now Available in a 2 Pack!

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